Bloody Hell Short Film (2018)


A poetic portrait of a teenage girl living through the emotional stages of PMS whilst desperately awaiting to start her first period and enter womanhood


When Camille wakes up on the morning of her 16th birthday the world seems to have changed over night. 

Nothing makes sense and everything sucks. 

While impatiently waiting to finally start her first period, she's challenged with the emotional stages of premenstrual chaos, struggling to break free and begin her transition into womanhood.

Director's Statement

The film tells the intimate story of an adolescent girl experiencing PMS for the first time. While some girls desperately await their first period to come, especially at an older age when most of their friends have started already, they aren't prepared for the emotional chaos that comes with it. 

I wanted to tell this story as PMS can be a confusing challenge for a lot of women. It can throw us off track month by month and we aren’t really taught how to deal with it. The hormonal imbalance can have severe consequences like falling into depression or anxiety, feeling overcome with anger and impulsive rage as well as craving all the foods in the world to only leave yourself feeling sick after. 

Especially as a young girl, when you haven’t experienced these kind of emotions before it can become life consuming and hard to handle. You start to think you’re not “normal” or “psycho” when really it’s just mother nature putting a magical spell on us.

I want to portrait this emotional rollercoaster in an artistic, dreamy and slightly abstract way by telling the story through beautiful and unique visuals. The aim is to make it less of a “gross” taboo topic and encourage young girls not to be ashamed or feel abnormal but to embrace their femininity with all the challenges it can bring.

BTS photo credit: Julia Luka Lila Nitzschke
Actress: Lara Levy